SKINEYE means ‘the eye of skin, the essence of skin’. We produce the safe cosmetics to make people maintain the healthy skin.

SKINEYE pursues the hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and high functional products. Every product of SKINEYE is developed and produced according to the thorough criteria for quality control so that the customers can trust the brand.

3 Major Features

Skineye pursues 'Hypoallergenic'

Cosmetic born for the beauty. However, chemicals in cosmetic can be harmful to the beauty. We exclude chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrance and other chemical components as the most as possible and aim at the development of safe cosmetic for our skin.

Skineye pursues 'Eco-Friendly'

We aim at the development of eco-friendly cosmetic of which the main components are carefully selected natural ingredients.

Skineye pursues 'High Functional'

We aim at the development of high functional cosmetic by developing advanced materials and integrating them scientifically based on bio and fermentation technology.


Our Promises


Our Certification

*Venture Company Certification
*Quality Management System
*ISO 9001 certification
*Research and development department recognized
*Patent Registered in (Patent No. 10-0644087)
*SKINEYE Trademark Registration 9 trade marks, and 1 service mark
*KFDA Quasi-authorized of
*‘AC Pure Cleansing Foam’
*‘Centella Scar Ointment’
*Completed Clinical Study
*Completion of the human application test, Safety evaluation by skin patch
*Inc. Ellead, Dermapro
*Suitable for the determination of heavy
*metals and parabens nspection – Inc. KNDTNI
*Completed America FDA test